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Your Actions help!
Here are letters you can send from home that will make a difference for forests far away:



One of the best fundraisers for kids is to sponsor a Read for the Rainforest Read-a-thon. Students get pledges ahead from family and friends, sometimes a penny a page or whatever is agreed upon. Then for one week the students read like crazy and keep a tally of the number of pages they have read as homework, in class and as free read time. At the end of the week, they collect the pledges and turn into their teacher. No product like magazines, or giftwrap or popcorn or candy bars has to be bought or kept track of. No money has to be given to a company who makes those products. All the money is donation to the forest. It works very well and the forest benefits.

To aid children, classes ( or any organization) in supporting our efforts, we have created colorful brochures and a CD Power Point presentation with script to help you and others better understand the challenges and expected results of our Land Purchase and Protection 20th Anniversary Campaign. Contact us through the Monteverde Conservation League U.S. website www.mclus.org or email info@mclus.org or call 314.878.8427 to request brochures, the CD presentation, and other information.