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All 24 trips I have made to tropical rainforests have taught me about the ecology, the wildlife, the people, sustainable and non-sustainable uses of the land and how we can help.

On the trips I lead we work with local biologists, families, and naturalists, so you get, not only a look, but the real feel, the whole picture, not just the tour bus thing. There's nothing like being there!

Upcoming Trips:

Costa Rica
July 14 - 27, 2008 
14 days/13 nights
Price TBA
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October 9-21, 2007 
14 days/13 nights
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Recent Guided Trips
Costa Rica: A family trip for parents, kids and game adults
June 14-27, 2003
14 days/13 nights

Costa Rica: A family trip for parents, kids and game adults
June 14-23, 2002 (Itinerary)
10 days/9 nights

Custom Trips
I custom design trips for you, your class or your family.

Testimonial from a well-traveled grandfather in NY who brought his 3 generation family:

"I cannot believe how interesting, exciting and informative the trip was - far exceeding my greatest expectations. You, as the engine/leader/teacher and Mighty Dwighty as the caboose/leader/teacher, were an exhilirating combo, and you provided us with a great combination of your expertize, the expertize of perfectly chosen bug, bird, bat and other specialists, home cooked local fare, 7-scoop milk shakes, and a modicum of "quiet time". A great, delicate balance that pleased all, aged 8 to 70++
We absolutely will spread the word about our experience, and will be delighted to be a promotional assistant with our recommendation to any qualified inquirers."

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