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Eastern Panama

The exotic destination in the Darien of eastern Panama near the border of South America puts us in the middle of the two million acre Darien National Park. We stay one week in rustic cabins in Cana well known for its abundant bird life. All four of Panama's macaws can be seen from camp. Abundant wildlife including poison arrow frogs, giant insects, anteaters, coatimundi, and peccaries can be seen. More difficult to find, but present in this forest are pumas, jaguar, ocelots, tapirs and harpy eagles.

The second week we fly back to Panama City and take an all day bus to the extreme western edge of Panama to the province of Chiriqui where we will stay at Los Quetzales in cabin nestled in the cloud forest. Studying the cloud forest, learning about experimental organic farms, planting trees, visiting an orchid farm with over 3,000 species of orchids, working with an agronomist at an in vitro lab for the cultivation of plant tissue, and learning about the indigenous Guaymi culture from elders and Guaymi guides will fill our days.

At night there will be slide shows and an opportunity for those interested to go trout fishing with traditional Guaymi pole and line. Conservation and indigenous culture will be the focus of this trip. And of course, a day trip to the locks of the Panama Canal.