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All these thoughts had been like a flow of angel messages early in those dark hours of the morning which had given me new light and a clearer view of how to pray about all God's creatures as ideas, as safe, not endangered, as encircled in Love's arms. I found a sense of peace, free from vain alarms," and I was able to go back to sleep.

Well, I can tell you I was sure grateful I had all of those ideas fresh in my thought the next day, because I sure needed them. I am a school teacher, and I got a phone call at school from the police department. The officer told me that our horse, Blue Eyes, had been frightened by a noisy bulldozer on the construction site next to his pasture. Blue had bolted through a barbed wire fence cutting himself badly, and then he had crashed down a rocky cliff, and galloped across the new subdivision and out onto a busy highway. I could only imagine how frightened he must have been. One of the workers caught him and tied him safely to a tree. The police officer told me Blue was injured and asked if I could come right away.

As I drove home to my horse that was "in danger" I found myself starting to think a lot of alarming thoughts. Here are some of them:

  1. I was afraid of how badly Blue Eyes might have been hurt.
  2. I began to be angry at the bulldozer driver for scraping away the hillside so close to Blue's fence and scaring him so badly that he tore through the barbed wire.
  3. I was especially mad at the contractor who had already knocked down the good wooden fence the week before and carelessly replaced it with cheap wire which was sharp and dangerous.

So far none of those thoughts were healings thoughts! I had to stop and make some needed corrections in my thinking. It was then that my early morning flow of angel messages came flooding back into my thought giving me new light and a clearer view of all God's creatures as ideas, as safe, not endangered or in danger, as encircled in Love's arms. I began to see Blue Eyes and his pasture as a tiny version of the world. It dawned on me that this horse (species) in his pasture (habitat) in danger (endangered) by the bulldozer (forces of man on the earth) was a microcosm of the problems of the whole earth. All the good ideas, these angel messages about God's universe, that had come to me that morning when I reached out to Her in prayer would help me heal my own angry thoughts about the contractor and the bulldozer man and my fearful thoughts about Blue Eyes.

I was immediately more at peace. I discovered I wasn't gripping the steering wheel so tightly anymore. I knew I could understand whatever I needed to know. The idea came to me to stop and get a rope so I could lead Blue back to the stable. Then I drove on to the construction site. I wanted to be grateful for something, for anything. I knew that gratitude brings healing. I decided to look for the man who had caught Blue and tied him safely to the tree, so I could thank him. That was the start. I realized that Love's encircling arms had been protecting the horse as well as the people driving along the highway. No one ran into him and he didn't cause any wrecks. That was good.

Blue was awfully glad to see me. There were lots of cuts from the barbed wire, but I was quick to change my view of a physical thing – an injured horse- into thought – God's spiritual creation. I could not protect or help heal Blue if I saw him as an animal somehow separate from God, his Creator. But I could help if I saw him as a spiritual idea. So that was my prayer, to acknowledge the spiritual fact about him.

Wouldn't that work for the whole world too? Instead of praying for animals to have better worldly conditions, I could know the immunity of a spiritual idea from all the elements whether polluted water, dirty air, contaminated soil, scarcity of food and habitat. Weren't these just other versions of "earth's vain alarms" like I remembered from the hymn that morning?

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