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Six Inches to England, An Anthology of International Children's Stories

ISBN 1-885934-97-6

Two of the 37 stories, "Caspiuma's Secret" and "How Monkeys Came To Be," are from tropical rainforests in Belize and Peru first told by indigenous friends and retold by Rachel Crandell. In this special collection of stories, authors and artists from 24 countries have come together to give children the opportunity to discover the very best of their world.

All proceeds from the sale of this book are being used to set up small libraries in poor, rural schools in the former Soviet Union where books are still the best road by which children will be led to greater understanding, tolerance, and peace.

Six Inches to England may be purchased by phone or email. The books are $21, which includes shipping and handling. All books come gift wrapped with an invoice enclosed payable upon receipt of order.

Andover Green Book Publishers