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For Children, For Grownups

Childrens Books about Tropical Rainforests

Allen, Judy. Tiger
ISBN 1-56402-083-5

Baker, Jeanie. Where the Forest Meets the Sea
ISBN 0-688-06364-0

Bernhard, Emery. The Tree that Rains
ISBN 0-8234-1108-7

Cherry, Lynne. Flute's Journey: The Life of a Wood Thrush
ISBN 0-15-292853-8

Cherry, Lynne. The Great Kapok Tree
ISBN 0-15-200520-X

Cherry, Lynne and Mark Plotkin. The Shaman's Apprentice
ISBN 0-15-201281-8

Cobb, Vicki. This Place is Wet: The Brazilian Rain Forest
ISBN 0-8027-8880-6

Collard, Sneed. The Forest in the Clouds
ISBN 0-88106-985-X

Collard, Sneed. Monteverde: Science and Scientists in a Costa Rican Cloud Forest
ISBN 0-531-15901-9

Crandell, Rachel. Hands of the Maya
ISBN 0-850-6687-X

Cruxton, J. Bradley. Discovering the Amazon Rainforest
ISBN 0-19-541327-X

Dunphy,Madeleine. Here is the Tropical Rain Forest
ISBN 1-56282-636-0

Franklin, Kristine. When the Monkeys Came Back
ISBN 0-689-31807-3

Ganeri, Anita. Explore the World of Exotic Rainforests
ISBN 0-307-15606-0

Geisel, Theodor Seuss. The Lorax
ISBN 0-394-82337-0

George, Jean Craighead. One Day in the Tropical Rain Forest
ISBN 0-690-04767-3

Gibbons, Gail. Nature's Green Umbrella
ISBN 0-688-12345-6

Gilliland, Judith Heide. River
ISBN 0-395-55963-4

Hernandez, Xavier. San Rafael: A Central American City Through the Ages
ISBN 0-395-60645-4

Jenike, David and Mark. A Walk Through a Rain Forest
ISBN 0-531-11168-7

Keister, Douglas. Fernando's Gift
ISBN 0-87156-414-9

Kim, Melissa. The Mountain Gorilla
ISBN 0-8249-8629-6

Lasky, Kathryn. The Most Beautiful Roof in the World: Exploring the Rainforest Canopy
ISBN 0-15-200893-4

Lewin, Ted. Amazon Boy
ISBN 0-02-757383-4

Lewin, Ted and Betsy. Gorilla Walk
ISBN 0-688-16509-5

Lewington, Ann. Antonio's Rain Forest
ISBN 0-87614-7749-X

McCourt, Lisa. The Rain Forest Counts!
ISBN 0-8167-4388-6

Nagda, Ann. Canopy Crossing: A Story of an Atlantic Rainforest
ISBN 1-56899-449-4

Nicholson, Sue. Rainforest Explorer
ISBN 0-439-31689-8

Patent, Dorothy. Children Saved the Rain Forest
ISBN 0-525-65163-2

Pirotta, Saviour. Trees and Plants in the Rain Forest
ISBN 0-8172-5134-0

Powzyk, Joyce. In Search of Lemurs
ISBN 0-7922-7072-X

Powzyk, Joyce. Tracking Wild Chimpanzees
ISBN 0-688-06733-6

Pratt, Kristin. A Walk in the Rainforest
ISBN 1-878265-99-7

Ryder, Joanne. Jaguar in the Rain Forest
ISBN 0-688-12990-0

Schwartz, David. Yanomami: Vanishing People of the Amazon
ISBN 0-688-11157-2

Silver, Donald. One Small Square: Tropical Rain Forest
ISBN 0-07-058051-0

Silver, Donald. Why Save the Rain Forest?
ISBN 0-671-86609-5

Weir, Bob and Wendy. Panther Dream
ISBN 1-56282-075-3

Winters, Alex. Amazon Diary
ISBN 0-399-22916-7

Yolen, Jane. Welcome to the Green House
ISBN 0-399-22335-5