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Good Things Are Going on in the Rainforest

Focus on positive solutions to the complex problems that threaten TRF like efforts of local conservation organizations, ecotourism in conjunction with indigenous people, research, environmental education, sustainable products. Images from Central and South America.

A picture is worth a thousand words. If you can't go to the rainforest, I can bring one to you. Talks can be geared to any age K-adult. They usually last up to an hour with more time left for questions and answers. The talk can be shorter for younger audiences.

I have given over 400 slide shows of beautiful images of exotic forests, amazing wildlife, indigenous people, scientific studies, difficult problems, solutions that are working, ecological concepts and how we can help in our own daily lives by what we do here at home.

Each talk is a minimum of $250 plus transportation. All proceeds are donated to tropical conservation projects.


Talks: Emberá People of the Darien Jungle| Costa Rica Adventure | Good Things | Living with the Maya | Oil in the Amazon | What is a Tropical Rainforest?