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Hands of the Maya, by Rachel Crandell
ISBN 0-8050-6687-X
Henry Holt and Company, NY
$16.95 US
$23.95 Canada

Hands of the Maya is already in its second printing less than a year after its publication. The Social Studies Trade Book Association and the International Reading Association both selected Hands for their "Notable List".

Experience a day in the life of Maya villagers. With its lyrical prose and richly textured photographs, this engaging picture book captures the hard work, love and respect of the Maya culture.

I took the photographs while living with Mayas during my sabbatical year. They built me a palm frond house where I slept in a hammock and took part in village life, bathing in the stream, making tortillas, and digging cassava with a machete.

All my proceeds from the sale of Hands of the Maya are donated to a high school scholarship fund for the children of Maya Centre. I returned to the village to give copies of the book to those folks whose photos appear.

I can make an author visit to your school.